So, I was walking home ten minutes ago, going past the Aberdeen and William going home. There was two black guys, a white guy and some girl who I couldn’t see much of. It was dark, it is 3 am after all. The conversation was as follows.

Them: This ain’t the real ghetto. If this was the real ghetto, bombs would be going off and shit. [Laugh] There wouldn’t be…and some guy walking by in a tight white shirt.

Me: Hey man [awkwardly]

Them: Hey, where’s the ghetto?

Me: You’re in the centre of it.

Seriously, they were. You can’t get much more central than William and Aberdeen.

Them: [Laugh] Hey man, got any weed?

Me: No, sorry.


Me: [Laugh, even more awkwardly]

yeah, so I realized the student ghetto isn’t a ghetto at all. that’s a little embarassing. If anyone wants to hook me up with a surgeon to give me some bullet holes to increase my street cred, that would be awesome.

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