Nomadic Immersive Digital Experience Creator Kit

15″ 2015 Macbook Pro (the last one before USB-C)
2x lighting cables. Second one is 2 metres long; helpful for AR debugging.
Wired mouse (helpful for 3d modelling or level design work
Various chargers, including a battery charger
3D printed phone stand (critical for AR work, thanks @philnelson)
Bridge HMD + Structure Sensor + Charger
Bridge 6dof Controller
Gear VR + Samsung Galaxy S6
Game Controller (for Minecraft in Gear VR, for playing on airplanes)
iPhone 6S (my normal/ARKit dev work phone)
2x Bluetooth iBeacons (Estimote, XYFindIt)

Wallet (includes credit-card size bottle opener/multi-tool)
Proof that I’m a resident of Canada (crossing into the US has been weird in the past):
– Hard copies of ongoing contracts
– Sublet agreement for a place in Toronto

Notebook, blank pages
D20/D&D Dice Set
Graphic Novel “Ingress: Origins”

Toiletries case, including folding toothbrush
Sugar pills (just in case)
Advil (just in case)
Emergency migraine medicine (expensive, prescription, just in case)
Deodorant (Old Spice)
Lock (for gyms)

Rolling suitcase
Yellow REI computer bag with padded laptop section (so useful)

Biking-oriented, sweat-wicking jeans (Duer L2X)
Snapchat Spectacles
3 pairs of underwear
3 pairs of socks
Various wizardy shirts and jackets
Workout clothes
Workout shoes
Various leather things
Leather belt