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  • “Billiards, but they’re People”

    “Billiards, but they’re People”

    I just finished nearly a whole month of travel, the last bit of which was in Latvia where I participated in a week-long game jam in a castle. Fellow game dev Charlie Behan made a great mini-documentary of the event. I’ve done a lot of game jams, and with this one, I needed to get […]

  • Downloading a TV episode I had already paid for, in a different country

    :| :| :| :| :|

  • Nomadic Immersive Digital Experience Creator Kit

    15″ 2015 Macbook Pro (the last one before USB-C) 2x lighting cables. Second one is 2 metres long; helpful for AR debugging. Wired mouse (helpful for 3d modelling or level design work Various chargers, including a battery charger 3D printed phone stand (critical for AR work, thanks @philnelson) Bridge HMD + Structure Sensor + Charger […]

  • NYC Immersive Theatre Review

    I finally set aside time over New Year’s to see all the immersive theatre in New York City that people have been bugging me to see. Here’s a terse listing of them all. NOTE: all of those shows are great and worth seeing. With my comments, I’m not trying to convince people to think about […]

  • A First-Person Tour Inside SNOLAB, a Particle Observatory Two Kilometers Under the Earth

  • X-mas travel plans 2014

    Starting and Ending in San Francisco: On one of these flights I have a stopover in Vancouver, and it isn’t the one that goes through Victoria.

  • Moving to San Francisco; joining Occipital

    Two days ago, I finished the second-to-last draft of my thesis and, a couple hours later, my first full watch-through of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And now it’s time for another transition! I’ve lived in Toronto for 6 years while doing grad school. I got to participate a ton in the improv, theatre, and […]

  • Games of Life

    I got my first smartphone, a Nexus S, back in early 2010 when I was living in Cambridge, UK. Impressed by the novelty of the beers there, I started snapping photos of taps and bottles: When I uploaded these to Picasa, I discovered, gloriously, that my phone had been saving location data, and Picasa automatically […]

  • The Coolest Traveller I Have Ever Met

    This story comes up again and again when I tell travel stories, and it was briefly mentioned on Taylor and I’s 2007 Southeast Asia travel blog. The guy’s name was Manfred. He was 70-ish. We met him while taking the Mekong river boat from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang in Laos. His deal was, he’d […]

  • Cultural Imports

    I’ve been around the world more than the average person in the last few years, both traveling through places and living places. When I encounter a new bit of culture that I like, I try to incorporate it in to my life. Over time, I should end up with the best culture ever. Here’s the […]