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  • Temporal Liminality

    Temporal Liminality

    This week, I’m staying at a house in the middle of nowhere in Northern Arizona, after a visit to Las Vegas. When I walk from the upstairs bedroom down to the ground floor kitchen, the time zone changes. This is reproducible, reliably. It took me a couple days to notice, since the purpose of this…

  • The Year of 14Whatever

    The Year of 14Whatever

    Imagine the TV show Connections, but it’s a stream of consciousness series of errors because I’m an impulsive idiot. I’d call it Missed Conceptions. 1491, a book that came out in 2006, is a reframing of what the Americas (continents North and South) were like before Columbus arrived. Contrary to general colonist perception, the people…

  • Music for a Desert Drive

    Music for a Desert Drive

    I’m visiting Joshua Tree in late December. I delayed buying the flight more than I should, and by that time a flight directly into Palm Springs was expensive. The backup plan was to fly into Los Angeles, but this would lead to an slogging drive across legendary urban sprawl in the middle of holiday season…

  • “Billiards, but they’re People”

    “Billiards, but they’re People”

    I just finished nearly a whole month of travel, the last bit of which was in Latvia where I participated in a week-long game jam in a castle. Fellow game dev Charlie Behan made a great mini-documentary of the event. I’ve done a lot of game jams, and with this one, I needed to get…

  • Downloading a TV episode I had already paid for, in a different country

    :| :| :| :| :|

  • Nomadic Immersive Digital Experience Creator Kit

    15″ 2015 Macbook Pro (the last one before USB-C) 2x lighting cables. Second one is 2 metres long; helpful for AR debugging. Wired mouse (helpful for 3d modelling or level design work Various chargers, including a battery charger 3D printed phone stand (critical for AR work, thanks @philnelson) Bridge HMD + Structure Sensor + Charger…

  • NYC Immersive Theatre Review

    I finally set aside time over New Year’s to see all the immersive theatre in New York City that people have been bugging me to see. Here’s a terse listing of them all. NOTE: all of those shows are great and worth seeing. With my comments, I’m not trying to convince people to think about…

  • A First-Person Tour Inside SNOLAB, a Particle Observatory Two Kilometers Under the Earth

  • X-mas travel plans 2014

    Starting and Ending in San Francisco: On one of these flights I have a stopover in Vancouver, and it isn’t the one that goes through Victoria.

  • Moving to San Francisco; joining Occipital

    Two days ago, I finished the second-to-last draft of my thesis and, a couple hours later, my first full watch-through of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And now it’s time for another transition! I’ve lived in Toronto for 6 years while doing grad school. I got to participate a ton in the improv, theatre, and…