Music for a Desert Drive

I’m visiting Joshua Tree in late December. I delayed buying the flight more than I should, and by that time a flight directly into Palm Springs was expensive. The backup plan was to fly into Los Angeles, but this would lead to an slogging drive across legendary urban sprawl in the middle of holiday season travel. I made the bold move instead to fly into Las Vegas, and drive 3.5 hours through the so-far-personally-unvisited Mojave Desert:

This needs a soundtrack, and I need your help (yes, you, the reader). In both directions I am driving just after sunrise. which I expect to be geologically delightful. This drive has 3 distinct phases:

  1. Leaving/entering Las Vegas
  2. In Mojave
  3. Near Palm Springs

I am looking for 7 hours total of music, as each leg is 3.5 hours, and I think the required vibes for leaving and entering Las Vegas are distinct.

Playlist will be continually updated here:

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