My Morning Commute in Bangalore, India

This was too entertaining not to share:

A combination of jet lag and a cold had me pretty shell-shocked after I took this trip the first time. But, now it has simply become amusing. For extra-awesome fans, you can follow along on this finely-crafted Google Map embedding with directions. I can definitely guarantee that the auto-rickshaw driver is NOT following the map. He cuts through the parking lot of BDA Complex right at the beginning, and then makes an illegal turn from Outer Ring Road onto Hosur Road. It seems that Google Maps’ rules are too strict for actual navigation in India.

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The Forum that gets mentioned in the video is a large, modern mall in India that is right next to HP Labs. Here’s the wiki page. If you have read White Tiger, then the mall is absurdly similar to the one the main character describes in Delhi. There are security guards out front and everything.

Also, if you want to get the sense of smell and taste in addition to the sights and sounds, just put your face next to a 2-stroke lawnmower exhaust. But the food is really, really wonderful. I’ve been vegetarian for a week and haven’t noticed.

This drive was about 20 minutes, and cost me 60 rupees, which is about $1.50.

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  1. I’m assuming the illegal turn was near the beginning when there were cars on both side of you coing at you.
    They must have cat-like reflexes plus the steering on those babies must be excellent ha.

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