So this entry was a little late, but today is the day of Hedonism, so I’m fucking going to enjoy myself, which does not include blogging.

I defined Productivity for my purposes as to produce as many tangible, finished items as possible. This didn’t happen, but I felt that it did. Starting at 7:30, I had alot of momentum coming out of bed and through the day, but, around 3 pm, my resolve started to wane. I wasn’t allowing any downtime for myself. Finally, nearly having my lab finished it all broke down and I became screwing around. Nothing happened for a long time, it sucked.

As drastic as that sounded, it really wasn’t generally, my days doesn’t change. Life isn’t a movie, unfortunately, so I didn’t cure cancer or anything yesterday. The day of productivity wasn’t as inneffectual as the day of impulsivity, but it still drags. This experiment isn’t being as successful as I had hoped.

Today is the day of Hedonism, which isn’t being as hedonism as I hoped (no grapes being fed to me by nude women). Most of this stems from my confusion over the definition: Is it hedonistic in the moment? or hedonistic in the long-term? I am fine doing both, and the latter is simply calculated selfishness. The definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: “Hedonism: The doctrine that pleasure is the chief good is like.” Man, hedonism gets knocked alot, mostly because people have a narrow view of what pleasure is. It’s not all fucking and massages (I haven’t had a massage yet, but I came shortly after midnight, putting today off to a good start. No, not alone!) Please can be riding bikes, doing something productive, eating or whatever – whatever makes you feel good.

Okay – this entry is starting to drag so I’m off to pursure more pleasure.

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  1. Dave says:

    I think Hedonism is more along the lines of self gratification, which explains why when you see Hedonism it is depicted as a guy chillin’, if you will, on a sofa eating grapes by hot bitties because life’s simplest pleasures are laziness, eating and sex. The reason why Hedonism gets “knocked” on is because these simple pleasures can be represented by three of the seven deadly sins sloth, gluttony and lust, in Christianity.

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