Step 1:I have an attendance problem.

I’ve realized lately that I have a problem attending class, as you can see by the lovely figure on the right. I haven’t had this problem since first year, I geuss Engineering Physics was more stringent with attendance. I geuss I can owe this to my remarkable ability to coast through learning and learn everything well at the last minute. Also, they are Mech courses right now. Also, its a boredom problem – I get bored easily, as anyone who knows me knows.

Oddly, nothing bad has come of this yet. I am a little frantic on assignments, which I dont like. Most of my time that I should be in classes I have spent on sleeping, The Time Project, Improv Show stuff, or trying to write.

If I’m going to be going through a 12-step program for this (I don’t even know if this is really a problem), then I can look back to first year, when I realized that I could read the Chemistry notes in half an hour instead of them being presented to me in 50 minutes, and at the same time be less bored. I have always gone to classes that I really enjoyed, however. Like Semiotics and Communication, History of Popular Music, Electromagnetics, Algebraic Structures, Fluid Mechanics, Differential Equations.


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  1. Dancing Crow says:

    I reached your blog by watching the most recently updated scroll by.
    Poor Concentration, Trouble w/Scheduled appointments.

    Sounds like Attention Deficit.

    Can be caused by…..

    A lack of sleep or poor sleep quality.
    A mild form of anoxia.
    A hyper-activity disorder.
    Anxiety/Performance issues.

    Anyway sounds like something symptomatic. Hmmmm?

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