The Aluminum Cat Documentary Released Now!

When you make an interactive show, it’s hard for the audience to tell just *how* interactive it is. This is part of the rare magic of any participatory theatre; even Keith Johnstone said don’t bother trying to convince your audience that a show is improvised, because they’ll never believe you. So we at Escape Character decided to show you.

For the Aluminum Cat’s run, we had 35 shows, with a total of 131 audience members. We trained up 3 actors to run the script (Original Cast Stephanie Malek, who took the first pass on all the characters, then later me and Ted Charette). Our script (by Natalie Zina Walschots) had a few possible endings, but these are more like directions that you can depart from a forest, not set paths like choosing between a few roads. We watched all the shows, made *spreadsheets* of player choices, and assembled it all in this 23 minute documentary. Enjoy!

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