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  • MetaMovie’s Alien Rescue

    MetaMovie’s Alien Rescue

    This afternoon, I played in the high-end VR LARP The MetaMovie Presents: Alien Rescue. This was a ticketed show, with multiple live actors, some audience that could speak (like myself), and some audience with free-floating avatar cameras, called “eyebots” with in-world lore. The recording is on Twitch: chose the alias “In Clutch”, as I […]

  • The Aluminum Cat Documentary Released Now!

    When you make an interactive show, it’s hard for the audience to tell just *how* interactive it is. This is part of the rare magic of any participatory theatre; even Keith Johnstone said don’t bother trying to convince your audience that a show is improvised, because they’ll never believe you. So we at Escape Character […]

  • Telepresence Immersive Theatre with Mice instead of Voice

    Telepresence Immersive Theatre with Mice instead of Voice

    This past year at Escape Character has been quiet, but very busy. Me + several collaborators have been iterating on telepresence interactive theatre. We have written and debuted three scenarios and are in the middle of writing our fourth. We’ve put on in-person shows in San Francisco, Toronto and London. We just started remote invite-only […]

  • An Illustrating Example of Improv

    I’m finalizing my PhD Thesis on interaction design for improv. This is a slightly-embellished example of something that actually happened. Yes, a mouse ran across the stage in the middle of an improv set and the performers all reacted in different ways and my mind exploded in curiosity watching it unfold. Here is a example […]

  • Books that Stuck with Me

    I meant to assemble ten (10) works of fiction or non-fiction that had been influential to me at some point. This proved hard, and for a while I tried to rank them so I could eliminate any 11+. I settled on splitting my life thus far into 3 periods: Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood, and the […]

  • Augmenting Minimalism (Improv)

    Improv (when I’m loving it) is the most minimalist art form. Improv tends to be better when we bring only a little bit of ourselves to it; when we plan as little in advance as possible. The best, most honest, improv moments are when you stare across the empty void space of the stage into […]

  • Improv tour diary

    I went out checked out Jet City Improv in Seattle yesterday. I’ve been so obsessed with longform the past 2 years that I had pretty much forgotten that short form existed. My two favourite games currently are He Said She Said and Three Way Dub, mostly because they are split-control games. Here’s 3 games I […]

  • Improv Math: Military Clock

    A few weeks ago, I went to see PROJECTproject, an improv show in the Toronto area. They had just come back from a tour to Western Canada, and one of the things they brought back with them was a structure called Military Clock. I think they said it came from Winnipeg. I’m always on the […]