I just found out about dose.ca today when I was walking by it outside a Union Station news stand. Ironic that I first saw it in print form.

Also, I just saw EPIC 2015 because a friend sent it to me. This is what mostly spearheaded this line of thought.

There is so much information in the world. You cannot encode it on 1:1 ratio because it would take as much space to store the world of information as the size of the world. This reminds me of a simile in a story I read once about the flattened remains of a town looking like a 1:1 map of the town. Tangent…

Regardless, artists are only people who are gifted in that the can say, in this giant universe, what the interesting bits are to look at. I wrote my final essay in Semiotics about this, sort of. In the past, artists have usually had to exert considerable effort to modify what they are presenting, like in a painting. But really – the paints already existed, and so did they idea they are presenting. This takes us to artistic photography, which can undeniably still be art. It is the definition of “look at this, this is interesting”. Bridging to journalistic photography…which must then still be art since it isn’t that much different.

NOTE: This progression is like those types of mathematical proofs where you prove something for 1, and then prove it for n+1, and congratulations, the proof must be true for all positive numbers greater than 1. In this case, all types of expression.

And BAM…to journalism, in print form. You can be good at journalism, so there must be an art to it, and journalism definitely is supposed to represent part of the world. Modern journalists are artists, and anyone can be a member of the publishtariat, given modern tools.

Where am I going with this? I am trying to understand for myself what the state of the world will be. Why? So I can enjoy the revolution.

With everyone able to publish, we come back to the situation where everything is blurry and nothing is highlighted. The era of only one newspaper is gone. The unlimited semiosis of what is important is overwhelming (more on that in another article!).

This brings me to a point, that I was unconsciously going to. (Keith Johnstone told me to stop being creative and original) I am sitting in front of a computer, typing. I am not humanly alive in any traditional sense. The wind is not in my hair, my muscles and blood pumping and my nerves singing, with andrenalin courses through my veins. GRRRRRRRROUHA, Ergonomics! No, I must hold still so as to not break the keyboard. I read the back of a book once, which I have been unable to find again. It is science fiction, the plot is the main character who is lost in his society. It seems that every citizen is given some sort of device to cope with all the streaming information all around them in the ultra-post-modern reality of the protagonist’s world. For some reason, the protagonist was punished and had his device revoked- for reasons he does not know.

In order for us to cope in this stream, we need to change as humans, biologically. As dehumanizing as it might be to have a palm pilot implanted in me, it is more dehumanizing to have to run home to check my paper daybook. This is what we need to sort through the media.

A world connected from every point by an infinitely short publishing line to every other will be quite a mess, but it sounds awesome. This mess is so awesome and horrible that a primitive human brain will not be able to handle it. I wonder when the first REAL implants will come on the market…

Thanks for listening to my corner of the thoughtscape.

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