Month: November 2005

  • T-T-Torontofied

    So, I went crazy and had to leave Kingston, so I decided to get together with friends from high school and have a quasi-reunion in Toronto. Where did we go to high school? Kingston. Whatever. First, allow me to introduce to players: Myself Cheryl, a film student at Humber and friend from high school improv […]

  • Improv Show Cast

    What an awesome picture. Props to our photographer Steve. Kate, Irene, Thom and Kristin are missing. We also took individual headshots. I’m going to print mine on glossy paper, sign it, and hand it out en masse to Japanese school girls. [drool]

  • Fame, Performance and Halloween Costumes

    So, for this halloween, me and two friends (Matt Reid and Matt “Schomberg” Clayton) had an epically awesome costume, as seen below.We’re plastic toy army men, the kind you get by the dozen, probably last seen in toy story. We would go around and pose everywhere for Halloween. Our schedule was as follows:FRIDAY – Kidnap […]

  • On (my) personality

    As I have been aging, maturing, etcetera, I have always noticed people tend towards certain things they enjoy, often my left alone as I do or am interested in almost anything. I think the science of psychology defines these differences as “personality”, why people differ. Sometimes I’ve had to resort to defining what I don’t […]