Month: January 2011

  • HelmetCam through Cambridge, UK

    I took a bike ride through Cambridge, UK with a helmet camera. The results don’t display well on this blog, so I alert you to this finely-crafted link.

  • The Dynamo Of Danger

    I rented a bike to get around here in Cambridge. It’s not a great bike, but it works. For powering the bike’s lights, instead of using batteries that need to be replaced, it has a dynamo that gets its source of rotational power from a little cog that touches my rear wheel. Thus, the relationship […]

  • Drunk Theatre Review: The Way Through the Woods

    Last night, I saw The Way Through the Woods at ADC Theatre in Cambridge, an original production by The Story Tellers. It wasn’t very good. I thought of writing a review, but I am kind of lazy, so I will instead present my extensive scribbled notes, which I think are more honest and funny. The […]

  • Human Needs

    I think it’s clear up front that, as humans, we are kept alive by a complex web of needs. Various four-siren alarms are going off all the time to stop us from killing ourselves, from a balance alarm to stop you when you’re going down the stairs too fast, to a relationship alarm when things […]

  • Different Cities, Different Lives

    In Toronto, I am a pretty boring person. Whenever I am not in Toronto, I’m pretty awesome. I get to not be in Toronto fairly often, more than most people. When not in Toronto, I am more extroverted, adventurous and I do things that locals might consider a waste of time. Example: (in Toronto) Frenchwoman: […]