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  • The Improv Show

    I was part of the Kingston-based “The Improv Show” from 2003-2008. I was picked up right out of high school, and ended as Artistic Director. The goal of the troupe has always been to push the possibilities of improvisation, leaning towards ‘open’ games that develop an interesting story, rather than performing for immediate humour. Pictured […]

  • Rock Paper Scissors Infinity

    Rock Paper Scissors is something I conceived a in September 2007 when I was staring tiredly at some lined paper in the middle of an 8:30 class. It can be best described as an interactive, growing, database of rock paper scissors-style plays authored by the players which I have no control over. Please, come in […]

  • The Deviants

    The Deviants was my second theatrical project with Critical Stage Theatre Co. I held even more hats this time as actor, set designer, writer (on of three) and various production roles. We also worked on some elements of the design with the Digital Media division of the Rhode Island School of Design. Here is an […]

  • Nelly’s Ride Wit Me

    Back in Grade 11, a few friends and I innocently made a music video cover of Nelly’s Ride Wit Me. We really weren’t seeking artistic integrity at the time, just seeing what we could do with some video editing and shooting. Also, one of the guys I was working with was incredibly rich (as as […]

  • Bubbles!

    It’s as simple as bubbles! Click on them for a gratifying popping noise.

  • Poetry in Motion

    Poetry in Motion is one of my experiments into generative creativity. The possibilities of the poem are displayed as points of light in the sky, and the player can start their initial momentum upward by clicking the mouse. From then on, for the player to survive they must bounce off of words continually upwards, creating […]

  • MyZoo

    MyZoo is an (currently unfinished) attempt to create an Artificial Life system within Second Life, where multiple avatars can control and interact with creatures. The brown objects in front of the creatures in the above photograph are supposed to be food, but upon realizing that they look like something else, I have since changed their […]

  • The Time Project

    I was part of The Time Project, a collaborative writing experiment between students and faculty members from engineering, drama and education on the topics of Time and Society. The result was the play Heterotopia, which I acted and production managed.

  • Supplementary Material

    Supplementary Material was a submission four collaborators and I made to the Queen’s University Focus Film Festival 2007. We sat in a very long writing session and brainstormed a ton of ideas, but finally came up with something we found really fun, but we were afraid no one would get it. To our surprise, we […]

  • The name I came up for this is "FaceStorm"