Nelly’s Ride Wit Me

Back in Grade 11, a few friends and I innocently made a music video cover of Nelly’s Ride Wit Me. We really weren’t seeking artistic integrity at the time, just seeing what we could do with some video editing and shooting. Also, one of the guys I was working with was incredibly rich (as as example, we once asked his neighbor if we could use his Mercedes in the shoot, to which he replied “Which one?”) so we could actually have some nice cars, etc. Well, we made the video and a year or so ago I posted it on youtube. The rest, they say, is history.

For whatever undecipherable reason, using the youtube search algorithm with the search string “Ride Wit Me” brings our video in at 6th. Because of this strange gift, at the time of this writing, the video itself has attracted over 30,000 views and 64 comments.

I think some of these comments are good examples of the backwaters of internet culture. Here’s a few choice examples:

ceeceegurl8735 (1 week ago)
lol. da part with da dog wuz funny. great video

beckerfanboy27 (1 month ago)

t1cTacJ0e (2 months ago)
without disrespecting you lads, the only thing that makes this video watchable was the song, however god acting and shit. stay brutal \m/

Mortadaissexy (3 months ago)
Wigger 100 %

aznbabieloser (3 months ago)
yo you guys suck plz stop posting shit

aracid (3 months ago)
The video wasn’t interesting. That’s all I can say. I can see most of your commenters are very immature and ignorant with their words, but not interesting is what they basically mean.

crazywhiteb0y11 (4 months ago)
these bitches are gay they dont got no girls
wtf vid dont got bitches

Djurovic90 (4 months ago)
bullshit of video!!!stupid american pussis!

armendtje (5 months ago)
where them girls at? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nerds

snl4life15 (5 months ago)
you need to learn the difference between fact and racism “brotha”. they were corny and they were white, if they were f@#kin orange i would have said stupid orange boyz,so keelo stop trying to assume some one is a racist against some corny white boyz if you dont know them. u calm down

killo11 (5 months ago)
the term “white boyz” is no different than the “n”-word.
they’re both racial comments and are not acceptable in modern society.

gameking50P (5 months ago)
what the fuck is this, its just a bunch of white guys flashing how rich the r compared to black ppl

MrMarijuanaMan (10 months ago)
…fake chains…fake clothes… no ladys just weiners…the only thing you did right was say “im a failure”…

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One response to “Nelly’s Ride Wit Me”

  1. Very funny story! I laughed out loud at the video too. Love the dog nodding. Congrats on the fame.