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  • City 7: Toronto Conflict Reactions

    I’ve had the install file for City 7: Toronto Conflict sitting on my desktop for a long time, but I’ve been too lazy to install it. So, here it is. It’s a mod for Half-Life 2 that represents an alternate timeline where, at the beginning of the game, Gordon Freeman gets teleported to Toronto (City […]

  • A special wish

    After a few months of limping along with a degrading phone, I finally replaced my loyal LG 6070 with a ass-kicking Blackberry Pearl. I mean, just look at that wicked flash website! Anyway, the main point of interface with the Blackberry Pearl is the beautiful, backlit trackball (my friends have affectionately called it the Blackberry […]

  • What's on your mind?

    Earlier today, I recorded for an art project with a student in the Queen’s film department. I’m not going to give up too much, since it’s going to be on display in mid-February. For the project, I had to sit in a room by myself and a camera recorded me for fifteen straight minutes, and […]

  • Cognitive Dissonance

    Whenever we interact with a thing, be it animal, vegetable, human or other, we form, by trial-and-error, a certain agreeement on the meaning of the symbols we use. This may be anything from the words that compose a language, to the motions we tell our limbs to perform to keep us walking. When the literacy […]

  • Narrative and Fido

    Two nights ago, I watched Fido, a 2006 Canadian zombie film, with my housemate John. This post is about narrative and exposition in that movie, which is definitively the best Canadian movie I’ve ever seen (if you ignore the bilingualism of Bon Cop Bad Cop). Here’s the trailer: If you’re going to see the movie, […]

  • Neuroticism is optimal?

    I just read this article: Neurotic software has winning personality Austrian researchers made several different AI classes (agressive, defensive, normal and neurotic) and pitted them against a real-time strategy game’s built-in AI engine. Turns out the neurotic AI was the most successful of them all In other news, Lately I’ve been watching a lot of […]

  • Nelly’s Ride Wit Me

    Back in Grade 11, a few friends and I innocently made a music video cover of Nelly’s Ride Wit Me. We really weren’t seeking artistic integrity at the time, just seeing what we could do with some video editing and shooting. Also, one of the guys I was working with was incredibly rich (as as […]

  • Quagmire

    I’m stuck here. I’m looking exhaustively at school programs for next year, specifically game design program. I have a little .txt file I keep full of all of them, and one has really caught my eye. It’s the Vancouver Film School Game Design Program. It’s a twelve-month intensive program, where I drop $29,000 to have […]

  • Wii!!!!!

    I just got back home from my glorious friend Ryan’s house, where he introduced me to the Wii. Thus, I shall expound on it. We played Wii Sports, as he didn’t have any other two-player games, so keep in mind this is only reflective of Wii Sports on the Wii, not any other title. After […]

  • Movie Sets and the World

    I read very quickly. In fact, I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the last two days. I really like these books. They are nice and imaginative, but I find myself getting frustrated with the details. Like how the book seems like a movie set, and not a world. A movie […]