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  • The State of Kinect Gaming

    I’ve played almost every Kinect game available, and I have to admit, most of them aren’t very good. There are a few exceptions, which I’ll get to below. The “controller-less” aspect of the Kinect was what brought it so much initial excitement. However, we’re still not good at designing experiences that take advantage of this. […]

  • Dustin Freemans of the Internet

    My name is relatively rare, but not so rare that I’m in the only one with it. I first became aware that there were other people with my name out in the world when I was 12. I was getting my first bank account so I could be paid for a paper route, and my […]

  • Cultural Imports

    I’ve been around the world more than the average person in the last few years, both traveling through places and living places. When I encounter a new bit of culture that I like, I try to incorporate it in to my life. Over time, I should end up with the best culture ever. Here’s the […]

  • Augmenting Minimalism (Improv)

    Improv (when I’m loving it) is the most minimalist art form. Improv tends to be better when we bring only a little bit of ourselves to it; when we plan as little in advance as possible. The best, most honest, improv moments are when you stare across the empty void space of the stage into […]

  • The Trailer of Life and Death

    At the end of a night of drinking in Cambridge, the drunk head to the centre, Market Square, for late night food before their stumble home. The two available choices for food are trucks that only appear at night and disappear to parts unknown during the day. Both of them are a perfect mix of […]

  • India isn’t good at bars

    I don’t have a picture of an Indian pub, but I have a picture of an India mall! – From Blore Walk to Work I’m in a pub in Cambridge, UK, typing this up on my Macbook right now, 1.5 Guinness pints deep, enjoying the atmosphere around me. The pub is called Alexandria Arms, and […]

  • Drunk Theatre Review: The Way Through the Woods

    Last night, I saw The Way Through the Woods at ADC Theatre in Cambridge, an original production by The Story Tellers. It wasn’t very good. I thought of writing a review, but I am kind of lazy, so I will instead present my extensive scribbled notes, which I think are more honest and funny. The […]

  • Human Needs

    I think it’s clear up front that, as humans, we are kept alive by a complex web of needs. Various four-siren alarms are going off all the time to stop us from killing ourselves, from a balance alarm to stop you when you’re going down the stairs too fast, to a relationship alarm when things […]

  • Different Cities, Different Lives

    In Toronto, I am a pretty boring person. Whenever I am not in Toronto, I’m pretty awesome. I get to not be in Toronto fairly often, more than most people. When not in Toronto, I am more extroverted, adventurous and I do things that locals might consider a waste of time. Example: (in Toronto) Frenchwoman: […]

  • Indian English

    The lingua franca in India is English. If you can only know one language in India, this is the one to know. A common misconception if you’re from outside India is that the entire country is culturally and linguistically as one. This is incorrect! India is more culturally diverse than Europe! There are thousands of […]