Category: discoveries

  • Encroaching Automata (but, you know, in a good way)

    Holy wow, Google Reader is now making recommendations.

  • Wow

    Animal Crossing

  • A few weeks spent underwater

    It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I’m sort of beginning to wonder what the purpose of it. The last few posts have been all over the map. Am I using this to disseminate things I find cool? Am I using this for commentary or musings? I’d like to use if for all […]

  • Finally, womanly slapping as a gameplay element

    LINK to Rose Camellia The plot of the game follows Rose, a low-born widow of the eldest son of a noble family who was only married yesterday. She must defend her stake to the family mansion by slapping every female in her way. Fantastic! The gameplay is entirely controlled by mouse-tracing, so you literally are […]

  • O-SNAP! forces me to learn

    I just started applying for OSAP for the fourth year in a row. The last few years, its just been a series of clicks through all the documentation and then on to the “give me money phase” (some paraphrasing here) but it looks like this year, for each portion of the legalese, there is a […]

  • Daft Hands

    Holy Crap! UPDATE: Oh shit! A parody! Again, hilarious UPDATE 2: Oh shit! More! I’ll never understand the relationship with some people and their pets.

  • I want 10

    When I saw Jason (my high-ranked Telus salesman/karaoke friend) in Toronto this past weekend, he had taken a screenshot of an iPhone display and made it the background of his regular phone. I dropped to my knees involuntarily, fooled temporarily and praising him as a god. In related news,

  • Games and Education

    The link below is to “Statetris”, a game where you play tetris with the States of America. After playing it for about 3 minutes, I think I’ve learned more about the geography of the states than in my previous 22 years of life. Awesome!

  • Self-Referential Multiple Choice

    I’m currently writing a multiple choice placement test for engineering calculus students. I wrote a draft, and sent it in to the professor I’m working for, where he found an error in this question. Which statement is correct about the f(x) and its inverse, g(x)? 1. g(x) is the reciprocal of f(x)2. An output so […]

  • Peppering of Humour

    Perry Bible Fellowship has been going slowly for the past few months (although I did still check it obsessively while I was in Southeast Asia), so I’m happy to resort to xkcd for my visual endorphin needs.