Category: discoveries

  • Dustin Freemans of the Internet

    My name is relatively rare, but not so rare that I’m in the only one with it. I first became aware that there were other people with my name out in the world when I was 12. I was getting my first bank account so I could be paid for a paper route, and my […]

  • Truckers 4 Life

    I like the artifacts of sub-cultures, by sub-cultures and for sub-cultures. I another one of my many, many transits across the 401, this time from Kingston to Toronto, I can across this wonderful booklet: Over The Road, June 2011 issue. A magazine for and by truckers. It is…fantastic. It’s a little secret window in to […]

  • Gmail Subject Lines Auto-complete Hilarity

    Thankfully, the browsers I use save the subject lines I have used over the past few years. I paused when I saw one of these in auto-complete, and then went and captured a bunch more. These are both nostalgic, and hilarious. Sometimes I remember the context, and some time I cannot.

  • Comics Cafe: possibly the best spot in Bangalore

    As I think I’ve already said, it is hot in India. Bangalore is known for having the nicest weather. In fact, it was recently rated the nicest place to live for ex-pats. However, it is still crazy hot. There isn’t a day for the next few weeks that has a high forecast under 30 degrees […]

  • Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead and life has no meaning

    One of the dozen or so books I brought with me to India was the script of Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead. To really simplify it, its an absurdist play which follows the play Hamlet from the minor characters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s point of view. I had seen the play before at Theatre Five in […]

  • Scientific Results

    An excellent quote from a paper I’m reading: “A final thought before moving on. Science has one methodology, art and design have another. Are we surprised that art and design are remarkable for their creativity and innovation? While we pride our rigorous stance, we also bemoan the lack of design and innovation. Could there be […]

  • Psychosomnium

    Wow. I just played another excellent example of platformer turned into a compelling mind-fuck indie game. Playable here. UPDATE: I didn’t really emphasize enough how important it is that you play this game, like right now. It questioned my meaning of existence, and its ending left me shocked for a long time afterwards. Please, please […]

  • A special wish

    After a few months of limping along with a degrading phone, I finally replaced my loyal LG 6070 with a ass-kicking Blackberry Pearl. I mean, just look at that wicked flash website! Anyway, the main point of interface with the Blackberry Pearl is the beautiful, backlit trackball (my friends have affectionately called it the Blackberry […]

  • I just discovered a new term!

    It’s CSCW – Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Sweet.

  • Encroaching Automata (but, you know, in a good way)

    Holy wow, Google Reader is now making recommendations.