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  • Sitch Ring

    Since this is almost the third post in this vein, I’m tempting to add a tag on my blog for “news about sitch-like devices”. If you haven’t heard about the Sitch, it was a device I invented for the purpose of Deviants, a play I wrote and acted in this past spring. The central idea […]

  • All Quiet on the Home Front

    I know I’ve been pretty quiet since I got back from the amazing trip. I’ve been job searching, which is, for me at least, one of the most stressful activities in the world. Anyway, I may be two inches away from securing something but I can’t be really happy until that happens. Well, I noticed […]

  • Psssstthhh!

    I know I’m supposed to be in Southeast Asia right now, but The Escapist has a great four-part article by Warren Spector (Deus Ex, Thief, Wing Commander, etc.) on Storytelling in games. link.

  • Hooray!

    Eidos to open games studio in Montreal This makes my (very early) day.

  • Brain damage turns man into human chameleon

    What a fascinating article. This leads to alot of interesting discussions of acting, role-playing and identity crises.

  • Discovery: Grammatical Group

    While over a discussion with my linguist/awesome/web programmer friend Eric Akaoka, I discovered the most interesting thing. He was going about correcting people on the proper use of the plural form of words, which is completely normal for him.e.g. Octopus -> OctopiUterus -> UteriClitoris -> Clitorises Clitoris turned out to be a bit confusing, since […]

  • Nemesi

    So, I’m sorting through some of the final tech stuff for Deviants, and I come across this wonderful piece of stupid art, by this guy named Mondrian. I’m sure you have all seen stuff like this before. Now to learn more about who this was, I turned as I always do to wikipedia. It turns […]

  • Sin Combinatrics

    I think this is fantastic. Found here:

  • Second Life is Open Source

    Second Life is now open source. Now I’m not entirely sure to what breadth or depth this will mean to anyone that happens to read this, but WOW (not that other MMORPG, I’m exclaiming something). To get the background on this, go here:Second Life wikipedia Article This is, I think, a very significant moment. I […]

  • A picture a day for six years

    The eyes of the man in this video are very sad. Why is that? Watch his hair mostly as it flails in a maelstrom about his monoexpression face. I get a sense that he is getting older, yet I feel that he isn’t changing. I see him in a variety of environment, so his life […]