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  • I hear typing

    This post is in the vein of more game design thoughts. I’ve played alot of different video games. And I’m saying, alot. More frequently, I’m playing modern console games. Generally, these are more leaning towards casual, low-commitment play. Recently, though, with a few of the more modern games, I’m getting this sense. Its hard to […]

  • Flash Games I've Made

    I’ve decided to catalogue all the flash work I’ve done into one easy-to-access post. Open the Door What is it?

  • The Interactive Universe

    I just discovered the most amazing game – Samorost. The control of this game is such that you play a character (in the loose sense) navigating about a world in a puzzle-solving mode. But, the cool part of this game is that you get to make choices about your environment which should be beyond your […]