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  • Neuroticism is optimal?

    I just read this article: Neurotic software has winning personality Austrian researchers made several different AI classes (agressive, defensive, normal and neurotic) and pitted them against a real-time strategy game’s built-in AI engine. Turns out the neurotic AI was the most successful of them all In other news, Lately I’ve been watching a lot of…

  • Finally, womanly slapping as a gameplay element

    LINK to Rose Camellia The plot of the game follows Rose, a low-born widow of the eldest son of a noble family who was only married yesterday. She must defend her stake to the family mansion by slapping every female in her way. Fantastic! The gameplay is entirely controlled by mouse-tracing, so you literally are…

  • Games and Education

    The link below is to “Statetris”, a game where you play tetris with the States of America. After playing it for about 3 minutes, I think I’ve learned more about the geography of the states than in my previous 22 years of life. Awesome!

  • Quagmire

    I’m stuck here. I’m looking exhaustively at school programs for next year, specifically game design program. I have a little .txt file I keep full of all of them, and one has really caught my eye. It’s the Vancouver Film School Game Design Program. It’s a twelve-month intensive program, where I drop $29,000 to have…

  • Wii!!!!!

    I just got back home from my glorious friend Ryan’s house, where he introduced me to the Wii. Thus, I shall expound on it. We played Wii Sports, as he didn’t have any other two-player games, so keep in mind this is only reflective of Wii Sports on the Wii, not any other title. After…

  • Mailroom!

    Holy crap! It’s Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media

  • Psssstthhh!

    I know I’m supposed to be in Southeast Asia right now, but The Escapist has a great four-part article by Warren Spector (Deus Ex, Thief, Wing Commander, etc.) on Storytelling in games. link.

  • What I learned in Montreal

    On Wednesday, I took a bus up to a meeting of IGDA Montreal, to one of their casual meetings about the games industry. It was all really interesting, and too hard to sum up here, but here’s what I learned: – Montreal is becoming more and more the Hollywood of Games.– I have childish writing.–…

  • Hooray!

    Eidos to open games studio in Montreal This makes my (very early) day.

  • How can games be Art?

    Whether or not games can be considered art causes a lot of contention.Article on GamasutraGames Are ArtRoger Ebert’s article My opinion, obviously, is that they ARE, for the following reasons:1. They can be judged as good or bad.2. They can indirectly express to the user’s what is not expressible through direct explanation.3. They can effect…