Health Questions 2010

It occurred to me recently that I really like how , both in the natural and the technological . Questions like “What do stars do?” and “How do you mechanically control a robot?”. I’ve mostly avoided as a subject because it had a in school of being a subject for which you had to memorize, rather than a subject for which you had to think. However, anything biological is really just a ? And if it is a there may be lots of jargon (this is probably the memorization part) but it is still possible to understand how it , or you can at least ask questions about it.

I turned 25 two ago, so it may also be that I have hit a quarter-century and started wondering about my long-term . Part of my year’s is to try to answer all of these questions. In all , I would like to go one of “why” . For , for “How do you maintain bone mass?”, “Eat more calcium” is not enough. Calcium from where? Why not atomic calcium? How does calcium get to the bones? If I can’t answer some of these questions, I would like to at least be up-to-date with the most recent scientific .

If you have insights or to direct me to, let me know!

1. What does sleep do physiologically?
2. What are the different stages of sleep?
3. What is the between a nap and a “” sleep?
4. Is there a to waking up to an alarm , rather than waking up on your own time?
5. What do scientific studies say about [1]?

6. What is stress and why is it ?
7. What is the of emotions in the brain?
8. What is “flow” or ?
9. What do anti-ADD/ADHD medicines (such as Ritalin) do?

10. What do the 5 groups mean chemically?
11. What is a eating schedule? (, or no or )?
12. Are artificial sweeteners ? Why?
13. What are the short- and long-term of ? Caffeine?
14. What are anti-oxidants?
15. Do the supposed positive of have anything to do with ethanol, or is it the stuff in the drink?
16. Is there value in me taking any sort of vitamins or supplements?
17. What are the pros and cons of going vegetarian? vegan?

18. How do you maintain bone mass?
19. What do bone do in the long [2]?

20. What is flexibility? Why is it important?
21. What is good stretching? Before/after/ of exercise?
22. How do you maintain good dexterity?
22. What is Arthritis and how can it be prevented?
23. What is a sprain/strain?
24. What is good posture?
25. What is the ergonomic thinking on long keyboard and mouse use?

26. What is good brain and how do you maintain it?
27. What’s the deal with different types of brain waves?
28. Why are there different types of in the brain? Are all neurons except for their graph of ?

29. How do you maintain good metabolism? Does this mean a rate?
30. How do you reduce the chance of a attack?

31. What’s with living in a basement [3]?
32. What’s the between a and a deep ?
33. What is hyperventilation?
34. What is asthma [4]?

35. Why does turn grey or bald? Anything I can do to this down?
36. What is the balance between too much and too litte sun?
37. Is there anything else I have to worry about here?

38. Are there negative long-term from taking over-the-counter medicines, such as painkillers or decongestants, more than absolutely necessary?
39. Is there a between mental and physiological addiction?
40. What is the placebo (beyond )?

41. Why do eye lenses deform negatively over time? Can this be prevented?
42. Does looking at a lit screen cause long-term damage?
43. Does corrective laser eye harm ?
44. Do wearing prescription more or less change my over time?
45. Why is wearing sunglasses a good ?
46. Any damage I should worry about?

47. How do you keep good hearing (in and pitch range)?
48. Is loud ?

49. What is the chemical that happens when your remain un-brushed?
50. What does toothpaste do?
51. What are the negative of “brushing too “?
52. What is good gum ?

53. What is ?
54. Why does it happen?

[1] I tried this for a or two this . I found I was awake more, but I felt I was less alert overall. Riding a bike through an empty Toronto at 4 am was fun, though.
[2] I broke my wrist when I was in Grade 11, and it is still shaped a strange.
[3] I live in a basement with terrible circulation, and I am known to paint in there. I have two plants now because I believe they filter the and provide more Oxygen, but I am not sure if this actually helps.
[4] I had asthma as a kid. I had some weird inhalers that were not fun.

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