Author: dustinfreeman

  • Improv Show Hosting Notes August 9th 2005

    The show begins.Music.Audience warm-up – get them to give suggestionsBartender/Waitress/Drink of the Night/Elixir Announcement The Die Game Title of a story. Then, for each death: object from a kitchen Thom KirstinJason Alex Matt Green Cheese. This was a good game and has a lot of potential. Good job with me just throwing this game at […]

  • Goals:

    What??!?!?! Three blogs in less than 2 hours? Yes, I know. However, I have a bad history of starting things and not finishing them, or going on to other things. If you want a good example, search “Dustin Freeman” in Google. Anyway, I want to lay out some goals for this blog, without sounding too […]

  • On originality

    I’m currently reading “Impro for Storytellers” (where’ s the v?) by Keith Johnstone in an effort to perhaps better my skills and knowledge. And WOW it has opened my mind. Keith Johnstone writes almost exclusively in Socratic dialogue, in a constant argument with the people on stage who are arguing back with him. Its so […]

  • In the beginning

    In the beginning, god created light, by saying “let there be light”. Later, the electric and magnetic component of this wave split into conveniently understandable behaviours, one supposedly as an aspect of another. Further on, sufficiently intelligent monkies created ways to harness these tiny electric particles to actually mean something…. ….which brings us to here. […]