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  • Bacon's Lover Blog Post #325: on the road

    Fuck I love bacon. Sometimes I get really intense cravings, and I want to be able to just snap my fingers and have bacon rain from the sky (see Perry Bible Fellowship). I want to eat bacon on with everything. With mustard, with eggs, with cats even. Are the new viewers gone yet? I’m on […]

  • Idea Factory

    My wall is slowly getting covered with 8 1/2 by 11s, scrawling in messy blue pens with hastily done drawings. Where something isn’t big enough to be committed to lined paper, it becomes a post-it note: sometimes nothing more than a pun or an interesting re-spelling, sometimes a whole bunch of meaning condensed to the […]

  • Flash Games I've Made

    I’ve decided to catalogue all the flash work I’ve done into one easy-to-access post. Open the Door What is it?

  • Open the Door

  • What is it?

    I PROMISE – more verbosity is coming. Currently my energies are elsewhere.

  • Supplementary Material

    Supplementary Material was a submission four collaborators and I made to the Queen’s University Focus Film Festival 2007. We sat in a very long writing session and brainstormed a ton of ideas, but finally came up with something we found really fun, but we were afraid no one would get it. To our surprise, we […]

  • I'm in an internet commerical So, just before the winter break I had a free day during exam period. What’s the best way to spend a free day? Why – participate in a commercial! You notice me as the guy holding the tuba, sweating his ass off in the sweat red digs. There are four episodes coming out in […]

  • Found on a Golden VideoTape

    Part 1 Part 2

  • Flash is back

    I used a new FTP site, so here is my first flash again. Watch for more coming up!

  • The new iCod

    And the original: