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  • The Statistics of Awesomeness

    I have a very deep faith. Faith, that in the large but not infinite set of possible events on this planet, awesome things happen. There are, after all, six billion conscious beings on earth. That is a really big number. Now that may not be a good objective indicator of all the different things that […]

  • My First Attempt at a Flash Animation

    I think its obvious at this point that I love syncing visual movement to music. There’s something so Zen about it. Music is from Samurai Jack, which I have been addicted to lately.

  • The name I came up for this is "FaceStorm"

  • Ride Wit Me – Nelly

    In continuing the recent trend of high school, music videos, my discovery of embedded youtube, and non-verbal blogging, here’s something that uses all of those. John WhitneyMeChris OlthofChris’ damn rich digs, including mercedes, audi and boat. My cheap station wagon. Note: this was made BEFORE “I want it that way”, so the quality is worse.

  • I want it that way

    A little high school nostalgia. Start me (Brian), John Whitney (AJ), Chris Olthof (Nick), Caitlin Cameron (Howie, a man) and Kevin as Kevin.

  • Hit Me….BAM!

    New meme announced: So, for those who have seen Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, you’ll remember the scene where Dave Chapelle is rehearsing, with Mos Def in the background on the drum set. (For those who haven’t seen this, see it!) Dave Chappelle would be going through a routine, and all of a sudden yell..HIT ME! […]

  • Saving My Face

    So, before reading this post, read about Second Life to get an idea of what I’m talking about. For a long time, I’ve been trying to get my avatar (below) to match my face. You can go two ways in SL – be fantastical or be yourself. I’m currently lazy, so I opted for the […]

  • sound_philosophy(summer_time)

  • Heterotopia (or what the hell Dustin has been up to all this time)

    The Time Project Website Hi Everyone, Since September I’ve been involved in a play creation project that has gone full circle from ten people sitting in a room, to writing, to dramaturgy, to rehearsal, to production next week. Its been amazing working with creative people from drama, applied science and education for so long, and […]

  • Imaginings

    I don’t write enough. Here goes.-BREAK- A few years back, when I lived in British Columbia still, I read alot of the Myst Books, and generally was obsessed with the Myst Universe. The most intriguiging part was the possibility of world creation based on simple, self-consistent rules. No restraint on real world physics. This may […]