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  • Heterotopia (or what the hell Dustin has been up to all this time)

    The Time Project Website Hi Everyone, Since September I’ve been involved in a play creation project that has gone full circle from ten people sitting in a room, to writing, to dramaturgy, to rehearsal, to production next week. Its been amazing working with creative people from drama, applied science and education for so long, and […]

  • Imaginings

    I don’t write enough. Here goes.-BREAK- A few years back, when I lived in British Columbia still, I read alot of the Myst Books, and generally was obsessed with the Myst Universe. The most intriguiging part was the possibility of world creation based on simple, self-consistent rules. No restraint on real world physics. This may […]

  • Notes in the Margin

    I tend to get bored in class alot. When this happens, I get bored. In Thermodynamics (MECH 330), which I took last year I doodled in the margins. I decided to finally scan all these and put them in the blog. This was really my only source of entertainment in the class. This is the […]

  • I wrote this

    I wrote this for the Time Project: “It’s raining sideways.”“Why did you bring me here?”“This is where I am going to live from now on.”“I would hate it if this weather wouldn’t stop.”“You don’t have to visit.” This is a 5-line part of a 7-scene mini play we constructed. I feel proud of it as […]