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  • 2010 in Text Messages

    I was digging around recently in my shitty phone’s memory to clear some space and found that all my incoming and outgoing text messages since I got the phone (Nov. 2009) were saved. Naturally, I extracted them as a big csv file, and analyzed it. Here’s a tag cloud of all messages sent by me […]

  • Interview on CBC’s Spark Radio Show

    I was interviewed about my current research work by Norah Young for CBC’s Radio show Spark. The project I talked about was Scribbling with Typeset. Here’s a video of the work in action: This work is part of a larger ongoing project on understanding how people use paper. Now, to run some more studies… Here’s […]

  • Nuit Blanche 2010: The Wall

    I have a project in Toronto Nuit Blanche 2010 this Saturday! Here’s the blurb: The Wall Dustin Freeman Rorik Henrikson A wall of coloured blocks that move randomly when there is empty space. There is one rule: 1) When a moving block bumps a still block, it transfers its colour. At the beginning, every block […]

  • Health Questions 2010

    It occurred to me recently that I really like how , both in the natural and the technological . Questions like “What do stars do?” and “How do you mechanically control a robot?”. I’ve mostly avoided as a subject because it had a in school of being a subject for which you had to memorize, […]

  • 2010 Post-Holiday Reading List

    Thanks to the deluge of the holidays, I now have an enormous physical collection of items to read/watch/play. Here’s a picture (Click for full size):

  • Research in Action 2009

    Tommorow, Tuesday November 17th is my department’s Research in Action day. Think of it as a science-fair-like event, but without anu judging or prizes. Basically, its a chance for us computer science graduate students to show off what we have been working outside of regular conferences. The formal description of my project is: The consequences […]

  • Where I'm going, where I've been

    Near the end of the first semester of my Master’s, my research topic was becoming clearer – along the lines of “teaching the use of gestural interfaces”. This was motivated by the proliferation of gestural interaction in devices of many form factors. Much of my thoughts on this were driven by my improv and theatre […]

  • Wierd times on the internet

    Keywords: advertising, user-generated content. So I just got an email from youtube about a music video I made a long time ago. Here it is below: ——————————————————————————————– YouTube | Broadcast Yourself™ Dear YouTube Member: UMG has claimed some or all audio content in your video Golden Videotape (part 1). This claim was made as part […]

  • Meta-blogging

    My friend and fellow improvisor Monica Heisey interviewed me about blogging for the Queen’s Unversity Journal (student-run paper). Link!

  • Weekend Roundup

    This past weekend: – My best friend Dave came up from Guelph.– I volunteered for Admitted Students Day at Queen’s.– I saw Iron Man with Dave, and my other friend Daniel and housemate Jack.– Visited Free Comic Books Day, saw nothing I really liked.– Watched three famous movies I had not seen before: Shawshank Redemption, […]