Month: March 2006

  • Hedonism, Gregarity, Selflessness and Everything Nice

    Lessons learned: It’s hard to change who you are, or maybe its just me. This was meant to be an experiment to see what variable X would be like enhanced for twenty-four hours, but it turned out to be more an experiment about whether or not I was capable of enhancing variable X. So, round-up […]

  • Productivity

    So this entry was a little late, but today is the day of Hedonism, so I’m fucking going to enjoy myself, which does not include blogging. I defined Productivity for my purposes as to produce as many tangible, finished items as possible. This didn’t happen, but I felt that it did. Starting at 7:30, I […]

  • Impulsivity

    A day of following in the moment impulses. For myself, I defined being impulsive as not thinking of the past or present (within limits, obviously). Like I said already, looking at my overall day, nothing changed on the macro-scale. I didn’t end up in Tahiti, sleep with 100 women, or anything memorable. What I did […]

  • Week 1102: The Week of Change

    Today’s Theme: Impulsivity This is the only planned thing I do today. Every once in a while I get a creeping fear that I am becoming a boring, full-grown, integrated member of society. This is a symptom of those fears, and I’m having a personality experiment to mess with it. The schedule for this week […]

  • Sick Again

    This makes three times this semester. Each time, I’ve known exactly what I’ve had, and who it came from. Judging from the predictability of this so far, I’m writing this in the hopes that I will actually remember something and learn from this. SICK I Disease: FluPerpetrator: Kate Evans This happened just when school was […]

  • Heterotopia (or what the hell Dustin has been up to all this time)

    The Time Project Website Hi Everyone, Since September I’ve been involved in a play creation project that has gone full circle from ten people sitting in a room, to writing, to dramaturgy, to rehearsal, to production next week. Its been amazing working with creative people from drama, applied science and education for so long, and […]